Locate Property Tax Bills

All property tax bills can be printed from this link, at the Iowa County site.

After going to the link;

1) Enter the Municipality in drop down menu. Select "028 Wyoming"

2) Enter one piece of information (ex. LAST NAME) If you use parcel number, remember to place the "0" at the beginning of the number (ex 0551.... not 551)

Please note. I have tested the search function and found it will sometimes, not bring up all relevant searches. Example, a search of my last name does not bring up my property. I have found that you need to use the "%" immediately after the last name to bring up all the relevant parcels.

3) Select the parcel you want to see or print.

4) On the next screen, in the middle of the screen, you need to "select detail" from drop down menu. Most likely you should select "Taxes."  You can set that selection as your default if you do multiple searches by clicking the "MakeDefaultDetail" button.

5) A list of taxes will show up below, you may have to scroll down to be able to view.

6) There is an option to "PRINT TAX BILLS" and the years listed will be 2014  2015 2016.

7) A new window or tab will open with your browser. That window or tab will be the tax bill. You can print from there.